BIM for Facility Management

The merging of information technology and facilities management is an inevitable trend nowadays. Making more energy efficient, more productive and more comfortable buildings for tenants and operators are the main goal of facilities managers.

Traditional marketing collateral, such as this model, may be increasingly replaced by VR technology for marketing purposes in the future. (Photo: Wendy Wong)

Developers turn to VR technology to market new properties

With virtual reality (VR) technology, one can walk into a new mall, home or office space that has not been built yet.

Technology - Periodic Table of BIM

The TECHNOLOGY grouping focusses on what you need to consider when thinking about software, hardware (and appropriate training), not to mention the file storage required for your new digital files.

Streamlining Offshore Construction with a Modular Approach

Energy firms are looking for engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPCs) to lead the way and adopt a modular design approach, including offshore construction, to save significant amounts of time and money for energy projects ...

Technology and Collaboration for Improved Payment Practices: Is BIM Leading the way?

Despite an apparent drop in the usage of BIM, shown in the NBS’s fourth annual BIM survey, the industry is still committed to BIM.

Developing our future cities through technology and green building designs

Reputed building design consultants such as RSP, AECOM , tvsdesign are at the forefront in championing the implementation of latest technologies such as BIM and green building concepts.