Understanding the Relationship Between Sustainability and Wellbeing

The importance of sustainability in the construction industry has come of age. What was initially considered by many to be a tick-box exercise has fast become a major design requirement.

Construction Needs Circular Economy Models

Our built environment and the way it is designed, constructed and managed has an immense impact on the environment, economy and society.

Crews in Manhattanville, pictured above in an early phase of construction, are integrating sustainable practices into their work on Columbia's new campus.

Columbia University Strives for Sustainable Construction

Columbia has long been working to integrate sustainable measures into construction practices at the Manhattanville campus, the first buildings of which will open in the fall.

Building a Vertical City with BIM

As the world’s population skyrockets, living space is becoming a serious concern. What happens when we can’t expand our cities horizontally anymore?

BIM Designed - Certified Green - Carbon Neutral

As BIM (Building Information Modelling) takes its place on the stage of innovative building design and cohesive collaboration, environmental certification – LEED2, BREEAM3 and others - assure quality, and systems convergence streamlines and enhances operational ...

Culture, Technology/Social Media & BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling), cloud computing, and social media are disruptive technologies which are altering the basic foundations of the AECOO sector.

Spacehus Homes, Blyth, Northumberland

Zero Carbon Standards at Spacehus Homes

The need to build more energy efficient homes is becoming more apparent. Whilst alleviating the damage to our environment is a well-documented reason for doing so, the social and economic benefits of sustainability cannot be ...

Would the Tower of Pisa ever have become infamous for its tilt had its architects had access to BIM computer simulation technologies? Photograph: funkyfood London - Paul Williams /Alamy

3D building models help bring sustainability into construction

A new tech-savvy generation is helping to boost the use of computer simulations in construction with significant benefits for the environment

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Sustainable BIM paves path for green healthcare facilities

A wave of green building design and sustainability has swept across the construction industry, and it is now becoming more aware of the fact that their contribution will prove to be significant in shaping the ...

Various Phases of Building Pre-Construction Process

Construction industry is witnessing a tremendous advancement as the demand for rapid delivery of complex projects in a cost-effective manner is continuously increasing. Pre-construction entails a builder aiding client right from the beginning of a ...