Smart BuildingsX

BIM for Facility Management

The merging of information technology and facilities management is an inevitable trend nowadays. Making more energy efficient, more productive and more comfortable buildings for tenants and operators are the main goal of facilities managers.

Preparing for tomorrow’s smarter, connected, autonomous built environment

From the proliferation of sensors in buildings that monitor occupancy levels and environmental conditions, to smart utility networks that help reduce energy consumption and improve resiliency, digital technology is changing the real world.

Smart Buildings & BIM

In a broad sense, intelligent buildings bring together a number of technologies with the aim of achieving efficiency and a productive environment for the occupants. BIM can be extremely important in helping to achieve this.

BIM will Become Mainstream for Smart Buildings

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is being described as a game-changing information and communications technology (ICT) and cultural process for the construction and smart buildings sector.