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How Outsourcing Building Information Modeling Cuts Overall Costs for Architectural and Engineering Projects

BIM in the architectural and engineering sector are well known for improving productivity, reducing waste and costs through program efficiencies, decreasing the need for rework through early clash detection, providing coordinated, accurate documents, tracking changes ...

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Working With Point Clouds and BIM

It is interesting how point cloud models of various buildings, sections of buildings and landscapes can be easily obtained by using sophisticated laser scanners. However, these point clouds cannot be used right away for Revit ...

Scan To BIM for Infrastructure Design and Redevelopment

While BIM for building design and construction has gained a lot of traction across the industry, BIM for infrastructure projects, also known as Heavy BIM or Civil information modeling is relatively a new concept, but ...

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Feature: Scan-to-BIM

AEC Magazine: "As the industry moves to adopt 3D workflows, the ability to capture as-built conditions in 3D is finding many new application area beyond surveying. We evaluate the latest scanning innovations"