Virtual Reality, Fabrication and other capabilities come to Autodesk’s AEC Collection at no additional cost

Tools that extend Revit models for virtual reality, fabrication, computational design, and analysis support BIM processes from planning and design through preconstruction.

3D BIM Modeling: What are the project Owners expecting?

3D BIM modeling has been existing here for several years. The structural engineering, architectural fraternity and building services have accepted this new system universally because of its need for lean construction and its cross disciplinary ...

Get to know the significance of As Built Data in Construction

The 2016 has witnessed to significant changes in the AEC industry of construction field and now we have moved forward a lot while looking back.

How Outsourcing Building Information Modeling Cuts Overall Costs for Architectural and Engineering Projects

BIM in the architectural and engineering sector are well known for improving productivity, reducing waste and costs through program efficiencies, decreasing the need for rework through early clash detection, providing coordinated, accurate documents, tracking changes ...

BIM in the Information Age

BIM Strategy for MEP Product Manufacturers

MEP Product Manufacturers - Create a BIM strategy that provides accessible, accurate and relevant information so that customers can benefit. Consider there are two ways to market "Push" and "Pull". “Push” by working with engineers ...

The Magic of BIM Renderings

"We recently saw the benefits of using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to create photo-realistic renderings during the early stages of a project’s design."