Are You BIM Ready? What Your Business Needs To Do Before 2016

The process of implementing BIM is about change management, first and foremost. To do this successfully, the process needs to be carried out methodically. The best way is to make a ‘BIM implementation plan’, and ...

Technology and Collaboration for Improved Payment Practices: Is BIM Leading the way?

Despite an apparent drop in the usage of BIM, shown in the NBS’s fourth annual BIM survey, the industry is still committed to BIM.

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BIM: the time to act is now

In 2011 the target was set for collaborative 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a requirement for publicly procured projects by 2016. Is industry on track?

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Ecobuild: Where’s the BIM?

Ecobuild 2015 will feature a host of BIM related activities throughout three days of workshops, case studies and talks, with representatives of NBS and RIBA Enterprises, industry experts and leading authors.

Five trends to watch for in NBS National BIM Survey

NBS pick out five trends they'll be keeping a keen eye on as they interpret the data for this year's survey...

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Are you BIM ready? 5 things you need to do before 2016

The UK government has mandated that all centrally-funded work is to be undertaken using BIM by 2016.

The CIC BIM protocol – a critical analysis

by Koko UdomNBS Head of Contracts and Law