Top 3 Issues Facing Architecture

Recently, we issued a survey asking architects, engineers, artists, and contractors to describe some of their pain points regarding collaborative construction processes today.

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Could architectural 3D printing usher a comeback for physical models?

Nearly as quickly as architects swapped their sketchbooks and pencils for CAD programs, traditional physical architectural models were also mostly replaced by interactive 3D digital versions.

Revit model for the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority Headquarters. Image credit

Drawing the line with BIM

According to Imram Mohammad, BIM manager AEB, “There is no limitation to BIM use; what the limitation is, is the lack of information as to what you can do with the BIM model.”

Leverage BIM Models for Better Decisions on Site

BIM models can benefit the entire extended project team if they have the right software to unlock this rich source of information. Many of the 2014 Be Inspired Award nominees have shared their own experiences ...