Gaoligong Mountain Rail Tunnel under construction in August 2017.

Application of BIM strategy for China’s Dali to Ruili Railway project

Using Bentley software, the engineering team assigned to China’s 205-mile Dali-Ruili Railway utilized comprehensive BIM (Building Information Modeling) strategy for design work involving all disciplines.

Greenfield and Brownfield Substation projects reap benefits from BIM and Reality Modeling

In a greenfield project in Cambodia, PESTECH undertook a project for Diamond Power Limited for the conceptual design through commissioning of the 230-kilovolt Kratie and Kampong Cham Substation and Transmission System.

BIM Beats Paper

How digital construction data management is becoming status quo

Technology - Periodic Table of BIM

The TECHNOLOGY grouping focusses on what you need to consider when thinking about software, hardware (and appropriate training), not to mention the file storage required for your new digital files.

Baffled by BIM?

From time to time, new concepts come along that the latest generation of engineers grasp with both hands but which others, frankly, struggle to comprehend. Often, it’s all about the way people were trained to ...

Building a Smart City in the Middle of Nowhere

The smart city, which will be called Dholera after the existing town in the area, is a finalist in the Bentley Be Inspired Awards. Unsurprisingly, it is a contender in the Innovation in Megaprojects category.

Quantifying BIM for Infrastructure ROI

In the world of civil engineering, infrastructure owners, private consulting firms and contractors typically want to know how they will benefit before adopting new technologies and changing the way in which they work.

Integrating BIM in FM a trend to stay or to go?

In the UAE we hear a lot about Expo 2020 and its cost in terms of infrastructure and operations (an estimated $9bn), but we seldom hear about the cost to operate and maintain these structures.

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Implementing BIM for Infrastructure – The Road Ahead..!!!

BIM for infrastructure also known as horizontal BIM, Heavy BIM or Civil information modeling, is called so while referring to BIM for non-building projects like infrastructure for dams, rail, road, highways and other such transit ...

With new tools for modeling, are GIS and BIM converging?

Many speak of the impetus of building information modeling (BIM) as the application of geographic information systems (GIS) thinking to buildings. There are definitely parallels to the two approaches, with features and classifications cataloged and ...