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BIM for Facility Management

The merging of information technology and facilities management is an inevitable trend nowadays. Making more energy efficient, more productive and more comfortable buildings for tenants and operators are the main goal of facilities managers.

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Tackling the Energy Performance Gap

Proactive facilities management combined with Soft Landings and Building Information Modelling can help reduce the energy performance gap of buildings, argues Geoff Prudence, chair of the FM group of the Chartered Institution of Building Services ...

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How intelligent buildings can benefit FM

What is an intelligent building? Since the 1980s, more than 30 definitions have been offered to answer that question.

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The Importance of BIM in Facilities Management

While the Government’s deadline requiring all public sector projects to use Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM) is now just six months away and counting, the need from a practical level has never been more ...

Integrating BIM in FM a trend to stay or to go?

In the UAE we hear a lot about Expo 2020 and its cost in terms of infrastructure and operations (an estimated $9bn), but we seldom hear about the cost to operate and maintain these structures.

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BIM's third age

Now just months away from being mandated on all central government projects, building information modelling (BIM) has moved up to Level 3. What is Level 3, and what does it mean for FM? Geoff Prudence ...

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Adopting BIM for Facilities Management – A Trend on the Rise

Today, even as the BIM revolution has taken the construction industry by a storm, and has created significant time and cost efficiencies, its full-fledged use for facility management is yet to become commonplace.

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Life cycle thinking

Life cycle management, facility information management, BIM for facilities management: whatever you may wish to call it, this practice has huge potential to reshape how buildings are delivered.