New Trends in Construction Industry

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Building Inspection: Drones Need Guidelines, Too

Drones may have several uses for the industry but when it comes to Façade Inspection benefits, its use is hardly beaten by any other system. However this is still a process being optimized and standardized.

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Technology Set to Change Construction

With technology advancing faster than ever before, it’s no wonder the construction industry is starting to see rapid changes every year.

Minibuilders’ Vacuum Robot uses a suction cup to stick to the surface of the structure

4 Ways a Robot or Drone 3D Printer Will Change AEC

Buildings simply aren’t made like anything else—that goes for sunglasses, furniture, appliances, and fighter jets. No other production process brings massive amounts of material to one place, constructs one item, and then hauls away the ...

How Drones, VR and BIM are Improving Construction Jobsite Safety

In addition to propelling Gray’s construction, engineering and architecture teams to new heights in design-build services, technology is also driving the company’s stringent safety program.