Digital Built BritainX
By utilising advanced automated software solutions that help consolidate and make sense of data, as well as bridging the gap between departments, the government will ensure it is adaptable and responsive to change

Driving the Government’s Transformation Strategy: what enterprises can learn

How can enterprises leverage business software to support their digital transformation priorities: by using the government as an example

Visualise technology being used at Construct//Disrupt in June

The Notorious B.I.M.

We all talk about technology and innovation but according to Software Advice, a whopping 52% of people in the construction industry still rely on pen and paper for daily operations. So how do we initiate ...

RAJ CHAWLA Vice Chair BIM4SME, Projects Director nunelah and CTO nunelah labs

Necessity to Participate in the BIM Revolution

Raj Chawla, Vice Chair at BIM4SME analyses the challenges, issues, and benefits that the SME community face in the BIM process, arguing that to participate is necessary to gain efficiency…

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BIM's third age

Now just months away from being mandated on all central government projects, building information modelling (BIM) has moved up to Level 3. What is Level 3, and what does it mean for FM? Geoff Prudence ...

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Digital Built Britain strategy to keep UK ahead in global “BIM arms race”

Failure to embrace digital technology and BIM level 3 will leave UK at risk from global competitiveness.