Gaoligong Mountain Rail Tunnel under construction in August 2017.

Application of BIM strategy for China’s Dali to Ruili Railway project

Using Bentley software, the engineering team assigned to China’s 205-mile Dali-Ruili Railway utilized comprehensive BIM (Building Information Modeling) strategy for design work involving all disciplines.

New Trends in Construction Industry

A lot of impressive things have happened last year in the construction industry. But as we’ve entered 2018, it may be a good idea to take a closer look at trends that are going to ...

Virtual Reality, Fabrication and other capabilities come to Autodesk’s AEC Collection at no additional cost

Tools that extend Revit models for virtual reality, fabrication, computational design, and analysis support BIM processes from planning and design through preconstruction.

BIM on Mobile

The biggest challenge of construction workers is to get the required information at correct time to do the job properly. Many times, much time is lost due to this problem.

Integrating GIS in BIM

The advancements in the field of information technologies have made tremendous developments in the construction industry.

Get to know the significance of As Built Data in Construction

The 2016 has witnessed to significant changes in the AEC industry of construction field and now we have moved forward a lot while looking back.

Construction Equipment Rental Market 2015-2022 Outlook Analysis Report publishes Construction Equipment Rental Market Research Report. This Report covers the complete Industry Outlook, Growth, Size, Share and Forecast till 2022.

6 major construction companies adopt new BIM monitoring solution

Construction professionals understand that daily visualization of a jobsite helps minimize construction delays, prevent clashes between as-built and as-design, eliminate the need for rework, facilitate stakeholder communication and align schedules.

BIM Beats Paper

How digital construction data management is becoming status quo

Construction Needs Circular Economy Models

Our built environment and the way it is designed, constructed and managed has an immense impact on the environment, economy and society.