BIM for Facility Management

The merging of information technology and facilities management is an inevitable trend nowadays. Making more energy efficient, more productive and more comfortable buildings for tenants and operators are the main goal of facilities managers.

The Chrysalis Emerges: Celebrating the Success of a Powerful Collaboration

A dedication ceremony for the Chrysalis — part sculpture, part amphitheater, part park pavilion — tucked in the woods of Columbia, Maryland, allowed the community and project stakeholders alike to fully experience the structure’s scale ...

Enabling Tools - Periodic Table of BIM

The ENABLING TOOLS are responsible for bringing your Building Information Modelling deliverables to life. They’ll help build up a range of graphical, non-graphical and associated project documentation throughout the lifespan of your project in sufficient ...

Will Your Fire Station be Open After the Big One Hits?

The seismic design of fire stations and essential facilities demands that the structural engineer clearly understand the importance of these facilities and the role they play in the disaster resilience of our communities.

BIM Planning and Project Tracking Tools

Construction project management brings many complexities, including owners and contractors dealing with a manual process of managing spreadsheets that can result in a lack of project visibility, an increase in errors, delayed projects, and increased ...

How BIM is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling, the broad term for the use of digital models in construction, is once again at the forefront of industry news as, next year, the United Kingdom — despite a few bumps — ...

Grasping the Local Potential of BIM

Michael McCullen, Chairman of Sitedesk, an innovative and dynamic software and services business specialising in collaborative BIM solutions, talks about realising the full benefits of BIM.

Autodesk + Leica Geosystems

Two technology giants embark on a collaboration and educational outreach in reality capture and layout for the construction industry. Leica Geosystems’ Ken Mooyman explains.

Integrated Project Delivery for Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

Enabled by collaboration software, IPD is helping industrial manufacturers reduce risk, achieve predictable results, and maximize the effectiveness of capital funding.

BIM 2050 Group

Recent Edge Commission Report “Collaboration for Change” presents the industry’s future talent with “direct challenge” to lead from the front and create professions capable of creating sustainable future.