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BIM - No Shortcuts

There is a growing number of people and resources talking about #BIM. It has been said that BIM changes workflow, requires training, is expensive, complicated and a new software…The bottom line: BIM is a process, ...

Gaoligong Mountain Rail Tunnel under construction in August 2017.

Application of BIM strategy for China’s Dali to Ruili Railway project

Using Bentley software, the engineering team assigned to China’s 205-mile Dali-Ruili Railway utilized comprehensive BIM (Building Information Modeling) strategy for design work involving all disciplines.

BIM Collaboration - Periodic Table of BIM

This is about developing better and more efficient ways of working. In order to benefit from the coordinated information that lies at the heart of BIM, you’ll need to consider the digital tools that will ...

Given  : 1 layout of the project + construction schedule.

How To Create Your 4D Simulation Without Having A BIM 3D Model

Since I joined the VDC industry few years ago, I was always limiting myself to the standard BIM workflow ( 3D -> 4D -> 5D .. ), also I was thinking in typical way following ...