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BIM Progress & Adoption in the UK

BIM Services Progress & Adoption in the UK

Previous traditional methods in construction have been transformed with BIM services that can help established companies offer innovative services and add value to projects.

CFD Simulation in the Built Environment

This article takes a look at the role CFD simulation is having on the industry now and in the future.

What is a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) and when is it used?

A BIM Execution Plan, or BEP for short, is a valuable and necessary part of any new construction project. It is essential when working in any international collaborative project to ensure that everyone working on ...

BIM for Green Building: Workflow and Modeling Tips

A blog on the rising demand for sustainable green buildings to reduce ecological impact and how BIM can make it easier for the construction industry.

BIM : Who makes more money?

Everybody knows that BIM improves the performance of construction industry in all levels from conception to construction that will save money, labor effort and money of the industries as well as the client. But, another ...

Ways to fit Master Specifications system in BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a rich digital of a physical building, which can be used by the design team, construction team and the building owner in various levels of construction work.

What is better MEP BIM services or MEP Design services?

The difference of MEP building services from architectural and structural disciplines is that it is split into a two tier design system.

Get to know the significance of As Built Data in Construction

The 2016 has witnessed to significant changes in the AEC industry of construction field and now we have moved forward a lot while looking back.

Application of BIM in water industry

In the water industry, BIM benefit can be seen in the form of Asset Lifecycle Management that calls for the operations stage now termed as ALIM (Asset Lifecycle Information Management) to include the digital transition.

Are we ready for the eBay of construction things?

If data truly is the raw material of the 21st century, what do you do in the construction industry when we have the mechanisms of collecting data already in place? What can this data be ...