BIM Level 3X

BIM mandate puts Brits on collaborative frontier

"Collaborative working around a well-organized common data set, using technology to reduce re-work and inefficiency, handing over information to asset owners that will help consultants optimize performance—if you strip away the ‘BIM’ label, it all ...

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BIM's third age

Now just months away from being mandated on all central government projects, building information modelling (BIM) has moved up to Level 3. What is Level 3, and what does it mean for FM? Geoff Prudence ...

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BIM and professional indemnity insurance

The concept of BIM has been in existence for some time now following it’s migration from the US over to the UK.

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Digital Built Britain strategy to keep UK ahead in global “BIM arms race”

Failure to embrace digital technology and BIM level 3 will leave UK at risk from global competitiveness.