BIM Level 2X
By utilising advanced automated software solutions that help consolidate and make sense of data, as well as bridging the gap between departments, the government will ensure it is adaptable and responsive to change

Driving the Government’s Transformation Strategy: what enterprises can learn

How can enterprises leverage business software to support their digital transformation priorities: by using the government as an example

Complying with BIM level 2 - what are the challenges?

All government construction tenders have had to demonstrate Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 following the 4 April deadline this year. This means that catering equipment manufacturers who want to be involved in public sector ...

BIM is not going away...

BIM is not going away...

Since the 4th April 2016 all public sector construction contracts with a value of over £10m must be Level 2 BIM-compliant. This has been mandated by the UK Government and it’s not going away!

Baffled by BIM?

From time to time, new concepts come along that the latest generation of engineers grasp with both hands but which others, frankly, struggle to comprehend. Often, it’s all about the way people were trained to ...

Staying Ahead of the Game

Paul Daynes, regional director, UK & Northern Europe at Newforma discusses how firms can stay competitive in the skills crisis.

How BIM is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling, the broad term for the use of digital models in construction, is once again at the forefront of industry news as, next year, the United Kingdom — despite a few bumps — ...

Just 16% of Firms are BIM Ready

Despite being just months away from UK government deadlines, fewer than 1 in 6 building services firms are ready to use BIM on projects.

Delivering on the Promise of BIM

A few years ago, an international architectural studio famous for its modern, glass-and-steel designs shared an interesting story about the impact building information modeling (BIM) was having on project delivery.

Level 2 BIM journey

A recent contractor survey (paywall) in Construction News has revealed a lack of understanding from subcontractors is the main factor holding back the development of BIM Level 2.

BIM mandate puts Brits on collaborative frontier

"Collaborative working around a well-organized common data set, using technology to reduce re-work and inefficiency, handing over information to asset owners that will help consultants optimize performance—if you strip away the ‘BIM’ label, it all ...