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UK and Netherlands are at the Forefront of BIM in Europe

The UK and the Netherlands are said to be at the forefront when it comes to the knowledge and, especially, usage of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Europe, according to a survey of architects by ...

Visualise technology being used at Construct//Disrupt in June

The Notorious B.I.M.

We all talk about technology and innovation but according to Software Advice, a whopping 52% of people in the construction industry still rely on pen and paper for daily operations. So how do we initiate ...

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Plugging the BIM gap

Gordon Moffat, technical manager at CMS, Scotland’s largest door, window and curtain walling manufacturer and installer, discusses the advantages to architects of ‘BIM ready’ contractors and how BIM can optimise building envelope performance.

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BIM predicted to become ‘de facto’ standard, despite adoption slowdown

Increased workloads that limit the time available to implement new working practices is one of the reasons why the reported awareness and usage of BIM (Building Information Modelling) has fallen for the first time in ...

Delivering Better Buildings: The Race to BIM

When the United Kingdom’s Cabinet announced in 2011 that all government buildings must be delivered using Building Information Modeling (BIM) by 2016, some architectural firms may have questioned their ability to meet this demand. The ...

The CIC BIM protocol – a critical analysis

by Koko UdomNBS Head of Contracts and Law