4D SchedulingX
Given  : 1 layout of the project + construction schedule.

How To Create Your 4D Simulation Without Having A BIM 3D Model

Since I joined the VDC industry few years ago, I was always limiting myself to the standard BIM workflow ( 3D -> 4D -> 5D .. ), also I was thinking in typical way following ...

Automating Construction Progress Monitoring and Communication

In this post I will explore the potentials of augmented reality (AR) on mobile devices to enable the use of 4D simulation in order to support the automation of construction management.

Address Construction Project Challenges To Drive Desirable Outcomes

Every company should not just set goals, but should also work their way up to those goals, through mission specific plans. Change is inevitable, and those who won’t change won’t survive. To sail though the ...

4D BIM Modeling – Improve Cost, Scheduling and Coordination of Building Project

Though the concept of 4D scheduling has been around over 20 years, it has not been popular due to some technical challenges associated with it.

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Benefits of building innovation being lost through miscommunication

The construction industry in Australia could learn a lot from the automotive industry about minimising waste, writes Philip Hopkins.