How Outsourcing Building Information Modeling Cuts Overall Costs for Architectural and Engineering Projects

BIM in the architectural and engineering sector are well known for improving productivity, reducing waste and costs through program efficiencies, decreasing the need for rework through early clash detection, providing coordinated, accurate documents, tracking changes ...

Given  : 1 layout of the project + construction schedule.

How To Create Your 4D Simulation Without Having A BIM 3D Model

Since I joined the VDC industry few years ago, I was always limiting myself to the standard BIM workflow ( 3D -> 4D -> 5D .. ), also I was thinking in typical way following ...

A BIM approach to Construction Site Safety Planning

According to the US department of labor - construction industry is one of the largest, at the same time; it is also one of the most dangerous. In such a scenario, improvement of safety conditions ...

Automating Construction Progress Monitoring and Communication

In this post I will explore the potentials of augmented reality (AR) on mobile devices to enable the use of 4D simulation in order to support the automation of construction management.

Lean is the Right Leg, BIM is the Left

There are numerous examples of this when it comes to Lean Construction and BIM, where new BIM tools require new processes that very often encompass several lean principles.

Leveraging the Benefits Of BIM 4D For Maximizing ROI

A 3D model gains the fourth dimension when time and construction scheduling values are added to it. The USP of virtual design and construction for contractors is 4D BIM – Schedule and Time.