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Point Cloud Survey Data In BIM

THe Point Cloud Data extracted from Survey has been a great breakthrough during the past years. Now a days the cost of a Point Cloud Survey is now roughly the same as a traditional 2D ...

Top 7 BIM Trends That Are Game Changers For The Public Sector

As BIM practices and technologies continue to evolve, what does the future hold?

Pros and Cons of 3D laser scanner vs. traditional survey techniques

Over the years we have performed dozens of building and industrial plants surveys, using different measuring techniques.

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Three New Trends to Bolster the 3D and BIM Vertical

3D is now inherently associated with BIM and Cloud Computing. So any new trend in the Cloud architecture or in building information modeling (BIM) is sure to affect 3D.

5 tech trends transforming BIM/VDC

This article is part of BD+C's special five-part Technology Report 2014: Top tech tools and trends for AEC professionals.