Airports Have Gotten Insanely Complicated

Having to accommodate millions of travelers and thousands of flights, airports are among the most challenging structures to design.

Twinmotion developer KA-RA has joined the Abvent Group

Twinmotion’s capabilities are really quite stunning. The product represents the manufacturing market visualization equivalent of tools like KeyShot and others that aim to dramatically and radically simplify the creation of compelling 3D visualizations. In today’s ...

Building a Vertical City with BIM

As the world’s population skyrockets, living space is becoming a serious concern. What happens when we can’t expand our cities horizontally anymore?

RAJ CHAWLA Vice Chair BIM4SME, Projects Director nunelah and CTO nunelah labs

Necessity to Participate in the BIM Revolution

Raj Chawla, Vice Chair at BIM4SME analyses the challenges, issues, and benefits that the SME community face in the BIM process, arguing that to participate is necessary to gain efficiency…

CodeBoo's BIM World

When's the best time to validate meta data?

At a recent BIM event a presenter was discussing workflow suggesting Meta data should be corrected using clash detection software.

Rose Windows From the 16th Century to Shanghai Disneyland

"Relationship Shifts: The Future of Architecture as Seen Through Rose Windows From the 16th Century to Shanghai Disneyland"-Phil Bernstein