BIM Progress & Adoption in the UK

BIM Services Progress & Adoption in the UK

Previous traditional methods in construction have been transformed with BIM services that can help established companies offer innovative services and add value to projects.

Technology Set to Change Construction

With technology advancing faster than ever before, it’s no wonder the construction industry is starting to see rapid changes every year.

RAJ CHAWLA Vice Chair BIM4SME, Projects Director nunelah and CTO nunelah labs

Necessity to Participate in the BIM Revolution

Raj Chawla, Vice Chair at BIM4SME analyses the challenges, issues, and benefits that the SME community face in the BIM process, arguing that to participate is necessary to gain efficiency…

CodeBoo's BIM World

When's the best time to validate meta data?

At a recent BIM event a presenter was discussing workflow suggesting Meta data should be corrected using clash detection software.

BIM national certification framework taking shape, says CanBIM

The framework on the national certification for Building Information Modeling (BIM) professionals by the Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) has taken shape with elements of the levels of certification ironed out.

A census-based model represents the way shifts in the population of Vancouver, Canada, will affect the city. Photo: Dan Campbell, City of Vancouver

Better city planning through real-time data

Urban planning is usually cut and dried when you know where people live, where they work and how they commute. But one area that brother-and-sister computer scientists Enrique and Vanessa Frías-Martínez realised is under-represented in ...