BIM Progress & Adoption in the UK

BIM Services Progress & Adoption in the UK

Previous traditional methods in construction have been transformed with BIM services that can help established companies offer innovative services and add value to projects.

What do you have to do for the first time of BIM 3D coordination?

BIM 3D coordination is one of the most popular BIM services in the world. By implementation experience with Vietnamese projects, I have some opinions that what do you have to do for the first time ...

New Trends in Construction Industry

A lot of impressive things have happened last year in the construction industry. But as we’ve entered 2018, it may be a good idea to take a closer look at trends that are going to ...

BIM Modelling or BIM Technology

Building Information modeling is starting to become more important for modern building projects. Not just does it provide an electronic representation of a building task, it permits facilitates better levels of commitment and interoperability inside ...

Security Tops the Agenda at CIBSE Conference

At CIBSE’s Building Performance Conference and Exhibition, speakers highlighted the importance of security in building design and building management systems.

Necessity of Multi Dimensional Models for The Construction Industry

Necessity of Multi Dimensional Models for The Construction Industry

Multidimensional models have brought vital growth to the AEC industry as they have enabled the professionals to work at best productivity in same order. The comprehensions which multidimensional models provide is remarkable and comes handy ...

BIM in the Information Age

BIM Strategy for MEP Product Manufacturers

MEP Product Manufacturers - Create a BIM strategy that provides accessible, accurate and relevant information so that customers can benefit. Consider there are two ways to market "Push" and "Pull". “Push” by working with engineers ...

Procuring PTI & BIM: Can the Latest Aussie Guide Gain Ground for the Australian Construction Industry?

On the 26th June 2015, the ACIF and APCC jointly released their most recent companion document to the Framework, entitled “Building and Construction Procurement Guide: Project Team Integration and Building Information Modelling (BIM)”.

CodeBoo's BIM World

When's the best time to validate meta data?

At a recent BIM event a presenter was discussing workflow suggesting Meta data should be corrected using clash detection software.

BSA Prefabricated Riser Modules for the nRAH, Hansen Yuncken Leighton Contractors Joint Venture

BIM and Prefabrication: The new revolution

This following article has been written by John Mitchell, Chairman of buildingSMART Australasia for contribution to Build Australia Magazine.