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The BIM events scene in April

As April is already gone, we can surely say that we at coBuilder had an amazingly vibrant month, packed with events and great business opportunities. In these wrap up reports, we want to share with ...

In the construction industry we cannot afford to have things lost in translation...

buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD)

There is much talk about BIM and what it is and isn’t, but before anything else, we must define what exactly we are talking about. In today's globalized world we normally use, at least several ...

line, acad or Revit?

AutoCAD or Revit - Where Do You Draw the Line?

If you’re new to drafting and design you’re probably familiar with AutoCAD and Revit by now, or you at least heard of these tools. AutoCAD has been around since the 1980’s and since it’s introduction ...

A 100% real-life unscripted BIM story

A Short Story About BIM

In an office far, far away, in time, not so long ago, a company was facing a great foe - a world without BIM...

Representatives of coBuilder's R&D team giving a tour of our systems

coBuilder at Digital Construction Week – A Collection of Thoughts

If you ever wondered who are the big players in the UK BIM movement you can be sure that they can be found on events such as the Digital Construction Week, which took place at ...

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coBuilder at Digital Construction Week

We like to work close with the industry and to share our excitement about the digitalisation of construction data with everyone. The right place for this today is DIgital Construction Week London!


The Way to BIM Roadmap

Many firms are frustrated in losing money on their BIM projects. Their projects take too much time or their staffs aren’t working as efficiently as they used to work on traditional methods.

Figure 1: Framework for BIM-based PtD

How BIM enhance the risk management and mitigation of risk

A recent study explains that an estimated 40% of global raw materials are consumed by building construction. Both worldwide per person consumption of raw materials and energy are growing (Tardif and Smith, 2009). This might ...


BIM Outsourcing – Path to Success

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed, built, and managed.

Can BIM make the Tower of Babel a symbol of progress, communication and innovation?

Building the tower of Babel with BIM - is it any different?

What prevented the Babel engineers from rising the Tower to the top? Do you remember the story? Is BIM the solution?