Case Studies

BIM in the Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal Building (Part 2)

The complexity of the Midfield Terminal Building project posed many challenges to the general contractor prior to and during construction. Mitigating these challenges, ensuring the quality of the finished product and meeting the stringent demands ...

Case Studies

BIM in the Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal Building (Part 1)

The Midfield Terminal Building of the Abu Dhabi Airport (MTB-ADIA) is a $3 billion, 700,000 square-meter development, providing a terminal building with passenger and cargo facilities, duty-free shops and restaurants for a total capacity of ...

White Papers

How to integrate BIM with business processes?

The digital transformation in the construction industry is causing a paradigm shift and disrupting the status quo for all stakeholders involved.


BIM – Fact or Whim?

Building Information Modeling or BIM has been around the architectural profession for several decades, but it is just now hitting the offices and projects in the construction industry as new delivery and contracting methods are ...


BIM For Renovation Projects

There is no insurmountable impediment to the application of BIM for renovation projects. However, despite all the benefits it can bring, it must be stressed that BIM for renovation projects necessitates specific procedures that are ...

Case Studies

Integrated BIM Case study - Imperial Avenue Residential & Commercial Tower

Scope of work in the project was 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D stages. This project involving modeling, coordination and shop drawing creation as well.

Market Research

Energy Efficient Warehouses, BIM & Energy Simulations can Cut Down Utility Bills

Demand of energy efficient structures have increased, and so have increased the innovative ways we help our clients cut on their utility bills. We assist them in conserving energy to enhance building performance.



Building Information Model Optical Control Management


Building Industry is Busy with BIM for Design and Construction; but is it FM Friendly?

Qatar has been in news for quite a time now. Its infrastructure projects and vision 2030 has definitely raised eyebrows of top notch investors.


Match Construction Workflow with Mechanical BIM Services

Pinnacle is the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) service provider, catering architectural, structural and MEP trades in India, USA, Europe, Australia and Middle East. Opt for its BIM and BIM Engineered Solutions and get complete ...