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Progman Releases MagiCAD 2019 for Revit and AutoCAD, with new Clash Detection for Revit

Progman has released MagiCAD 2019 for Revit and AutoCAD. The new version offers an extensive selection of new functions and improved workflows for making Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design faster and easier.

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Semple & McKillop save time and ease workflow with BIM strategy and MagiCAD for Revit software

Semple & McKillop MEP engineering consultancy has adopted MagiCAD to achieve a BIM project workflow.


How MEPcontent Fills the Gap between Manufacturers and Engineers

The way that engineers and draftsmen design changes rapidly these days. Meanwhile MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) Engineers and Designers want to deliver perfect BIM models.

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Why do high-quality 3D models matter?

Having access to high-quality 3D models is a critical part of a modern-day construction and building process.

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Abvent wins 3 out of 10 categories in Government of France BIM Awards

PARIS, December 1, 2016 -- Abvent S.A., developer of the Artlantis and Twinmotion applications for architects and designers, has announced that it has won 3 out of 10 categories at the first annual Digital Transition ...

 Undet4SketchUp - Interface

Undet4SketchUp V1.0 Release - Use Point Clouds in SketchUp

UNDET Point Cloud Software presents a new extension for Trimble SketchUp Pro – Undet4SketchUp V1.0 that was released on December 1st, 2015.

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New Autodesk Inventor Tool Increases Collaboration in the Design Process

Autodesk Australia announces a new update to the Autodesk Inventor 2016 launched in April.

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Edificius Free UPP

Edificius Free UPP for Architectural BIM Design for buildings


Future BIM Implementation Qatar

Optimizing BIM Implementation to Improve the Management of Complex Construction and Infrastructure Projects

Mosquito - BIMobject
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Revolutionary Mosquito™ technology revealed at BIMobject® LIVe

BIMobject® will announce a new technology called BIMobject® Mosquito™ today at the BIMobject® LIVe conference in Malmö. The new technology is a first in the world and allow developers, partners and manufacturers to create BIM ...