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Saving the HMS Victory with Laser Scanning

Laser scanning to produce a structural model of the HMS Victory

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Murphy Surveys now producing ARCHICAD-ready point cloud models for faster, accurate building surveys

Murphy Surveys Limited are partnering with GRAPHISOFT UK Ltd to deliver point cloud modelling services and ARCHICAD models to the UK and Ireland markets. This partnership comes after successful pilot projects with ARCHICAD users in ...


Bimtec Embarks on Laser Scanning Services for Qatar Market

The frenetic pace of construction in Qatar needs all the assistance it can get to help meet the oft compressed delivery timelines. Technology is fast becoming a necessity in this endeavor and new to the ...

3D Laserscanning to create RICS HQ BIM
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Cutting-Edge and Laser-Sharp: Scanning RICS HQ

The appearance of tripods and high-tech surveying equipment peeking out from various corners of RICS HQ caught the attention of both staff and visitors over the last week or so. But just what was going ...


From the Pyramids to Today, Surveyors Measure Expertly

Brief summary of technology on service of surveying.

Image Source: http://www.digitalsurveys.co.uk/

Point Cloud Survey Data In BIM

THe Point Cloud Data extracted from Survey has been a great breakthrough during the past years. Now a days the cost of a Point Cloud Survey is now roughly the same as a traditional 2D ...