Case Studies

Independent Villa Structural Design and collaboration using BIM


OneClick BIM was engaged as structural consultant for this independent villa comprising of Stilt Car park and 3 levels with lift and overhead water tanks.

Client Expectations:

  • Economical Structure: A very detailed and optimum design solution as per cost is concerned was expected with structural analysis and any new solution that could cut the cost in the project as per structure is concerned.
  • Building Information Modelling: A detailed LOD 400 BIM Model for Structure.


To design suitable structure and foundation in high seismic sensitive area having shallow Water Table depth.

OneClick BIM Role:

We handled all the collaboration and communication between the Project Architect and Structural Advisory in order to achieve smoother and effective transfer of information and execution.

Assessment of soil for Structural Foundation:

Every Structural Analysis & Design project begins with the assessment of soil stability as building structures are required to transfer dead and imposed loads from Superstructure to ground. Therefore, for every structural engineer it is important to know the characteristics of ground on which the structure will rest. Determining type of Structural foundation plays an important role in determining the cost of construction.

In this project, we received a detailed Soil Investigation Report from the Soil Investigation Agency concluding that:

“From the analysis of two bore holes, it is observed that at BH1 location is soft clay layer of 3.5m depth. However at BH2 location, soil is medium state.”

Analysis of super structure:

Super Structures serves the purpose of the Building Structure’s intended use. Below are some major features of this project.

  • This project’s super structure consists of G+3 levels in which Architect has planned to use Ground Floor as Stilt Floor for Car Parks and the above 3 floors as independent apartments.
  • The building dimensions in plan was having length to width ratio more in a narrow rectangle rather than having proximity to square, therefore, an expansion joint was provided and building was divided into two halves as per structural code recommendation.
  • According to Architect’s plan, we were required to design the cantilever for balconies having length of 2.4 meters.
  • We used Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i to create the Analytical model of the proposed structure and has analysed the buildings.

Design of structural foundation:

After computing the recommended loads to be transferred by super structure as per the structural codes, we were having values of load vectors for which we needed to design the structural foundation.

To protect the interest of client and the integrity of building structure due to shallow water depth at site, we proposed the use of RCC piles. After assessing the Soil Investigation Report, we observed that N values of SPT test were changing abruptly so we asked the Soil Investigating Agency to provide us the Soil Bearing Capacities at depths of 4.0 m and 4.5 m, respectively.