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Scandinavian window manufacturer invests in 3D printing


At the forefront of digitalisation

The window and door manufacturer NorDan announced two years ago a significant investment in additive manufacturing capabilities, by means of a large 3D printer. Dag Kroslid, CEO of NorDan in Sweden, is an ambitious BIM enthusiast, always striving for his organisation to stay at the very forefront of digitalisation.

“With our investment in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, we want to strengthen NorDan’s position as industry leader in production technology and digitalisation”, he says.

NorDan AB has signed a large contract with BLB Industries AB located in Värnamo, Sweden. The agreement covers the delivery of a cutting edge technology 3D printer, capable of producing windows and doors in dimensions up to 1,5 meters wide and 2,5 meters long. Even larger dimensions are achievable, through printing several segments before joining.

Sustainable production

The printer will be delivered during the spring of 2018, and will be used for manufacturing commercial products as well as prototypes. The 3D printer is classified as a ’BLB 3D Custom Printer’, and different polymers and bio composite materials can be used to create products. Bio composites are to a large part made from non-fossil based natural raw materials, and from forestry or agricultural bi-products such as timber, cork, straw and hemp.

“Additive manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, and the use of bio-based materials, have seen rapid developments during the last couple of years. Today we consider the technology ready for industrial scale manufacturing”, says Dag Kroslid.

BIMobject support STL and 3D printing

At BIMobject, additive manufacturing technologies have long been an important area of focus.

“All the new BIM content that we now create using our own solution for content creation, BIMscript, automatically contain the STL file format”, says Magnus Branse, Project Manager at BIMobject HQ in Malmö.

Magnus Branse observes that the STL format being hosted in the BIMobject Cloud, connected to the Single Source of Truth, opens up unforeseen opportunities for an effective, sustainable and streamlined construction process.

“Digitalisation is one of our key strategic initiatives. In BIMobject we have found a supplier of dynamic and convenient solutions that are not only effective, but future-proof”, says Dag Kroslid from NorDan Sweden.

This was two years ago, now we have one of their printed windows in our office.

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