4 Myths about BIM


One of the challenges for BIM adoption is the fact that is surrounded by myths that makes teams hesitant to adopt BIM. BIM is still seen as a 3D modeling tool, people still believe that BIM is for big projects, that is a really complicated process and takes more time.

Is BIM a 3d modeling tool?

Building information modeling is not about creating a 3d model of a building. BIM is a process and a methodology based on the 3D digital model, (that requires 3d modeling skills), but this is only part of the larger process. The digital BIM model includes graphical and non graphical information published in a shared digital space. BIM is really about advanced digital project management of the information of a building  that is being built or that’s in use. 

Is BIM only about big projects?

BIM is about big, medium and small projects. BIM affects all construction types and sizes, including buildings and infrastructure projects. The scale is not important, the advantages are significant in every project. BIM process reduces design errors, improves communication with the client, provides better documentation and cost control and increases production efficiency .  

Is BIM too complicated? 

“BIM requires some training and changes the way you do things, but if you invest in BIM you upgrade your office to deliver projects faster and easier. Change begins with getting to know what BIM is. There is a variety of free material online with European and International BIM standards or you can choose among BIM courses available. The second step is to invest in a BIM software and start training a pilot team using a pilot project. Next, provide additional training and support to the members and set up a BIM protocol and initiate it in every future project.

Is BIM time consuming?

 Anything new is time consuming and difficult at the beginning. It will probably take some time to change the way you work, communicate and document projects, but at the end the benefits will make the BIM journey worth the effort. Among the most important benefits of BIM are:  less project design and construction duration, better quality and cost control, effective collaboration among sectors, project delivery on time and on budget and better communication with the client.

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Source: https://www.breakwithanarchitect.com/feed/4-myths-about-bim