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BIM, Facility Management and new business models


BIM and Facility Management

Petter notes that an increasing number of owners are beginning to understand the gains that can be made from digitalising their workflows.

“In my talk I will focus mainly on BIM and Facility management. I will depart from a lifecycle perspective, and explain the immense benefits that owners reap from being in control of their data”, he says.

The importance of accurate, reliable data and relevant information can’t be stressed enough, and Petter says that the industry surrounding this information is growing quickly.

“Owners are starting to realise that it’s not enough to just own a property, they need to own the information as well. The digitalisation is challenging our old ways of thinking, and there is a need to revise old business models in order not to be left behind”, he says.

Better decisions with reliable data

One strong focus is on gathering and structuring large amounts of data, in order to be able to make better decisions and to leverage all the new technologies such as AR, VR and IoT.

“Data allows us to let computers do the analyzing instead of people, so that decisions can be based on facts and numbers instead of hunches and opinions”, says Petter.

Big Data affects all parts of the industry, from cost optimizations to how properties and houses are branded, marketed and sold. Peter stresses that access to correct data enables owners to not only save time and money, but also to build and manage in ways that are more sustainable and better for the environment.

“The market demands data. Manufacturers who do not provide digital versions of their products will eventually disappear”, he says.

Asset As A Service - the trend towards subscription models

Construction has been one of the last industries to be profoundly changed by digitalisation. Petter notes that there are a number of prominent trends, stemming from this evolution, that is now beginning to influence construction and property management as well.

“I’m actually right in the middle of launching a pilot project, where we invite manufacturers interested in new business models to work with us. Subscription models have revolutionized a lot of industries, and represents a huge opportunity for manufacturers in the future”, says Petter.

Petter Bengtsson is one of the keynote speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2018 in Malmö, October 9-10. In his talk, he will provide a deeper insight into how BIM can be manoeuvred and facilitated from a management perspective, and he will talk about what the implications are from a manufacturers perspective - today and tomorrow.

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