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“Environmental declarations are becoming increasingly important”


Dag Kroslid is the Managing Director of NorDan AB and Project Director at NorDan Group. Next month he will be among the speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2018. NorDan is a manufacturing company at the frontier of digitalisation, constantly trying out the newest technologies in order to develop their operations, products and service.

NorDan is a leading Scandinavian supplier of windows and doors, recognised for their wide range of products and a very advanced technological level. The title of Dag’s talk at BIMobject LIVE 2018 will be Digitalisation Strategy - How NorDan drives the transformation.

“In the speech I will explain how we at NorDan have developed our digitalisation strategy over the last couple of years, with plenty of practical examples and insight. We like to think that we are not only driving this digital change internally, but that our work is also to some extent at the forefront of the construction industries. Digital environmental product declarations, 3D printing and the “ecoDigital ready” concept are examples of this”, says Dag.

NorDan has never been afraid to try out new technologies, and strives to stay at the forefront of digitalisation. The majority of NorDan’s product catalogue is published at, and investments were made early in technologies like 3D printing and Augmented Reality.

“In my talk, I will also focus on the transformational aspect of digitalisation, and how to handle it from a management perspective. A big part of the transition is about the organisation, in terms of preparing the employees for the new technologies that lie ahead and for the future business models that will affect us all”, says Dag.

Right now, an important focus area for NorDan is adding environmental declarations to their digital products.

“Environmental declarations are becoming increasingly important and this is a development we really want to contribute to. Working with BIMobject around this is a very interesting opportunity for us to help and facilitate a more sustainable industry”, says Dag.

Last year, Dag was among the guests at BIMobject LIVE 2017. This year he’s looking forward to speaking, but also to meeting the guests at this year’s conference and listening to the other talks.

“BIMobject LIVE really provides a sense of how big and powerful the digital transformation is, and of how many opportunities it presents to the construction industry”, he says.

Dag Kroslid is one of the keynote speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2018 in Malmö, October 9-10. 

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