The Future Was Yesterday


Tigre-ADS is the union of two giants. Tigre, a Brazilian multinational and leader in the category of Pipes and Fittings, and ADS (Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.), a US multinational. We talked to José Antonio Cattani, General Manager at Tigre-ADS, about modern decision processes and digitalization.

BIM and the supply chain 

Tigre-ADS is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) corrugated pipes for application in stormwater drainage, mining, sanitation, detention and retention. Their decision to create a BIM strategy was based on the fact that BIM is quickly becoming increasingly important, especially for projects within infrastructure.

"Having a BIM strategy was the only way to go and considering what a revolution BIM represents, the sooner the better," says José Antonio Cattani.

He describes BIM as the evolution of communication processes within the AEC industry, and sees it as a technology with a great power of transformation.

“With BIM being operated in its full potential, the whole supply chain is affected. With BIM, decisions are made at a much earlier stage in the design process compared to before."

José Antonio notes that with decisions being made in the early stages of the design process, products are no longer evaluated with the same focus on their initial cost. Instead, they are selected because of the value they add, their quality and increased efficiency through the whole lifecycle of a project.

"This is a fundamental change because relations in the construction supply chain will no longer be antagonistic. Instead they will become increasingly collaborative", he says.

Integration with CRM and team optimization 

Tigre-ADS considered BIMobject to be a perfect fit for their needs, because the platform enables customer engagement at all stages. Being present at has made the support department within Tigre-ADS more accessible to clients. BIMobject has also enabled the sales department to work with a more direct and responsive approach. José Antonio Cattani adds that on top of that, BIMobject also complements the sales-tech strategy that has been implemented in other areas of the organisation.

"Last year we started using Salesforce as our CRM and migrated to an ERP system. The fact that BIMobject can distribute, track, manage and integrate all data collected from Salesforce was decisive. This whole integrated approach really makes our sales team much more efficient."

Today, decision are made in the digital world

Tigre-ADS realized early on that the decision-making process of today is mainly digital, and that it's crucial to keep up with and adapt to that reality.

"Professionals from the industry want and need access to digital data, BIM content, and they expect interactions with maximum speed, ease, and flexibility", says José Antonio.

He emphasizes that it's not all about quick sales, and that providing access to reliable data is fundamental to create a good customer experience and to improve relationships throughout the entire sales funnel.

"There’s no time to lose" 

José Antonio stresses that the cost of not embracing the digital reality in time will be very high.

"Executives really need to analyze their industry and the opportunity and capacity gaps of their organizations. The old saying, ‘the future was yesterday’ properly sums up the problem. And this is where we stand with BIM and all the innovations emerging in the construction industry".

His final advice to all executives is that everyone must adapt to the new digital reality, and take it seriously.

"The time when you could afford to have an amateur digital strategy has passed. If you do not act now, you will very soon be outrun by your competitors," says José Antonio.


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