The UAE will lead the global digital transformation of the construction industry


Why? Because they travel lightly, not weighed down by baggage of past deeds and professional boundaries that no longer serve the true cause of development.

The statement in this article title came both from reading the Mars Mission article and recent research on development of digital technology (what was BIM!) in global construction markets. The connection between Mars missions and the construction industry may at first seem far fetched, however when you consider the numerous product developments that arose from the NASA projects, the connection is real.

My reference to 'Digital Technology' rather than BIM is deliberate, and an idea stolen from a colleague Jason Howden, Director at Warren and Mahoney Technologies. Building Information Modeling has been around for many years and despite its many benefits has failed to transform the industry, the professional boundaries seemingly to great to overcome.

The term 'Digital Technology' perhaps also now better reflects the advances in virtual reality experience, drone use on development sites, data capability in decision making, and the potential to apply robotic construction in the real world. This is where the Mars mission comes in.

What the UAE will strive to design and conquer technically will create the platform for innovation within the development industry currently operating throughout their nation. The culture of governance and leadersip in the UAE will ensure immediate implementation of new technology for the benefit of its people, as a nation they rarely if ever accept second best.

The business environment in the UAE drives at a frenetic pace, comprises a multinational workforce unlike anything the writer has experienced to date, is led by a visionary government who lead and direct change to always succeed to the best outcome, and finally and probably most importantly, do not carry professional or industry baggage about 'the way things have always been done'.

In support of the notion, the UAE benefits from a sound economy, however it would be prudent to acknowledge that the UAE manages development commerce very much as other nations do.

The concept of a developing nation contributing to environmental solutions on a global scale is appealing, particularly when you consider this in the context of that nations desire to be a leader on the world stage.

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