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BIM Competency Qatar Survey


This BIM Competency Campaign is by invitation and is intended to identify the distribution of BIM Competency across a sample population in Qatar. The assessment is part of the NPRP 9-124-2-062 project. It is a Qatar Foundation research project and aims to assess, benchmark and improve the BIM Competency of Qatar’s construction industry practitioners. This assessment includes 110 items (duration approx.15-20 minutes).

Research Team:

Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Djamel Ouahrani [Qatar University]
  • Dr. Bilal Succar [Change Agents (AU)]
  • Dr. Mohamad Kassem [Northumbria University (UK)]
  • Prof. Nashwan Dawood [Teesside University(UK)]

Research Associates

  • Dr. Sergio Rodriguez Trejo [Teesside University (UK)]
  • Atif Hafeez [Qatar University]

Who should participate?

Any design / construction / operation professionals who are currently living and working in Qatar. If you fit these criteria, we encourage you to participate. It is not compulsory to be on a BIM specific role.

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Thank you for your participation.