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BIM Holoview increases supported size of Revit and Navisworks files


The HoloLens has huge potential for visualizing BIM models, yet it has limited memory and processing capacity for handling large models.  BIM specialists that have previously used the HoloLens for construction purposes had to section, filter or reduce the quality of models to make them viewable on the HoloLens.  This typically involved a lot of time and could be a frustrating process requiring several iterations to produce useful models on the HoloLens.

However, with the latest server update to BIM Holoview these issues are no longer a problem.  Sectioning down large, complex models is no longer necessary and model layers don’t need to be filtered for the purpose of reducing size.  Now multiple layers can all be viewed at once for files of up to 300mb with no impact on the geometric quality of models.

Along with positional stability (no drift) and the ability to view models transparently (i.e. giving users x-ray view of models) no degradation of quality has been one of the key BIM Holoview features since the application was first released. This is because we recognize when people are using BIM Holoview on-site to assist with construction planning and verification, it is vital that model elements projected in the HoloLens have realistic geometry (i.e. a water sprinkler needs to look like a water sprinkler).

BIM Holoview has been designed for on-site use by building design, construction and maintenance teams and the existing product features have been tailored specifically for this.  With larger file size BIM Holoview better supports customers who need to see multiple building service layers all at once, and who have BIM models that comprise multiple detailed mechanical components but who still need to view their models in full geometric quality.

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