What do you have to do for the first time of BIM 3D coordination?


BIM 3D coordination is one of the most popular BIM services in the world. By implementation experience with Vietnamese projects, I have some opinions that what do you have to do for the first time of 3D coordination?

1. General contract need to have a guideline for subcontractors when integrating 3D BIM coordination into project.

Building Information Modeling is not new content but there are so many people don't throughout that what exactly it is? As fact being, when we provide 3D coordinate service to coordinate trades MEP, check clashes avoidance, resolve conflicts and export the shopdrawing for construction phase, our products delivery is MEP trades shopdrawing documentation which was coordinated with other disciplines and resolved all of clashes. Although this can be directly utilized for construction, sub-contractor still re-exports to 2D CAD for construction as traditionally. It will be no problem if our shopdrawing can be edited by AutoCad. But it will be break lines when importing into Auto Cad, so architects have to use photoshop tool to re-draw each lines. This waste so many time and eliminate means of this service.

2. Prepare a meeting before handling service

3D coordinate service is to help all of project' s participants check out conflicts, errors, CLR of design drawing each of discipline (MEP, Architecture, Structure) and between of them. Therefore, all of involvers have to clarify responsible and process of performing and cooperation. Committing that all of required documentations must be sent and collected on time to ensure the contract’s schedule and everybody has to know what roles they are, why and how will they have to do that and what will they receive?

3. A Common Data Environment (CDE)

The big letter make BIM different from traditional way is I – Information and CDE is solution for this. For traditionally, we communicate via email, Drive, Skype… information doesn’t update and need to look for so many files to get a file you want. Project participants don’t be connected together, not ensure transparency and clearances. CDE is where collected all of project’s information and have so many benefit, including:

  • Archive all of information on Cloud so ensure absolutely security.
  • Allow users search information as easily as Google
  • Information can be updated but still saved the previous version. That allow users compare, realize and adjust easily all of works had happened
  • Online file review: allow users review almost popular types of file in construction (doc, pdf, dwg…) that don’t have to set so many softwares into computer
  • Coordinate, Review and stamp

Users can check anytime, anywhere within internet connection. Popular CDE platform that we can use is FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive… In short, CDE is the most important in BIM coordination. But in fact, there are so many people still hesitate to work on CDE, because of some reason can be talked in bellow:

  • Internet platform isn’t enough strong to access and connect
  • Be not easy and useful like Email, don’t understand its functions
  • Fear to change communication behavior although it’s unsuitable now.

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