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Woolpert Invests in New Technology and Equipment to Enhance Aerial Acquisitions


Woolpert is enhancing its aerial acquisition capabilities through multiple technology and equipment investments this year, including upgraded lidar sensors and software solutions, an expanded fleet of airplanes and pilots, advanced imagery and lidar processing automation tools, and enhanced geospatial data storage hubs.

Woolpert Design, Geospatial and Technology Director Kirk McClurkin said these large-scale investments in leading-edge technologies parallel Woolpert’s overall projected growth for 2018, and their application across markets.

“We’ve established a level of acquisition expertise and comprehensive data deliverables that require we continue to upgrade all aspects of our geospatial operation to support that growth,” McClurkin said. “This investment in the latest and greatest equipment, personnel and processes is how we will continually provide our clients with the best and most accurate solutions.”

Among these upgrades, Woolpert is investing in TerrainMapper, Leica Geosystems’ most advanced linear-mode lidar sensor and accompanying software solution, HxMap, which together make up the RealTerrain workflow. Leica Geosystems debuted the solution at this week’s joint conference of the International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) and the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) in Denver.

“We have worked with Leica Geosystems since 1989, and we have profound respect for the integrity of their products,” McClurkin said. “The demand for lidar data and deliverables continues to grow as technology expands and applications multiply. We plan to continue to leverage the most current technologies to propel the geospatial world forward and help everyone operate more efficiently.”

Woolpert has three geospatial professionals speaking at the ILMF/ASPRS conference. They are presenting in multiple capacities and on numerous lidar-related topics. Chief Scientist of Geospatial Services Dr. Qassim Abdullah is discussing “Advances in Lidar Technologies: The Current State of Linear Mode, Geiger-mode and Single Photon Lidar Systems” this morning, is on a panel discussion regarding Geiger-mode and single photon lidar versus linear scanning, and is providing multiple ASPRS technical sessions and workshops during the event. Geospatial Team Leader Ryan Bowe discussed a product review on unmanned aircraft system (UAS) data set accuracies, will conduct an ASPRS Early Career Professionals Council presentation this morning, this afternoon will talk about “Metadata Mayhem: Documentation Developments for Lidar and UAS Data Sets,” and is moderating several sessions for ASPRS on Wednesday. Geospatial Project Manager Michael Meiser presented Monday on “The Use of Lidar in Platinum-Group Element Mining at the Stillwater Complex, Montana.”

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