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2D to 3D BIM conversion and how to utilize BIM models for Vinata project

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Project type: Apartment
Location: Vietnam
Scale: 23,387m2  
Owner: Vinata international co.,ltd
Consultancy: ViBIM

Scope of work:  Modeling from 2D CAD to 3D on LOD 300, system coordination, clash avoidance, shop drawings production and model based-quantity takeoff

Vinata Tower includes 24-storey and 2 basements with 23.387 m2, the apartment building is the pilot to use comprehensive BIM. This is the first project Vinata apply BIM to realize the benefit of BIM and create a standard process for the coming projects. 

The project devices into 3 packages:

Package 1: Coordinate and design control (for both of design and field management, including: Planning BIM application strategy, execution planning, sample project setting; set up platform for data exchange; remodel all of building disciplines; check clashes trade building; identify design error and signification conflict; coordination meeting with employer and contractor;  modeling meticulous the important areas)


Package 2: Pre-construction phase

Detail model 1 mock-up room (for design)

Model temporary system: scaffolding, mast crane, hoist…, quantity take off and purge employer’s schedule; integrate model of temporary system, structure model, site model, construction schedule in plan/ reality to model construction sequence from basement; update adjustment construction schedule (for construction activities)

Package 3: As-built modeling and quantity takeoff (don’t include as-built draw)

According to requirement of employer and particularity of project, ViBIM assists to Vinata use 5 BIM applications by the latest version appropriate software, including:

  • BIM APPLICATION:  Design Authoring  (Convert 2D AutoCAD Drawing to 3D Revit/Tekla model)
    DISCIPLINES: Architecture / MEP / Structure
    SOFTWARE USING: Revit, Tekla
    VERSION: 2016

  • BIM APPLICATION:  Design Reviews (Identify clashes and mistake from 2D design documentation in the progress of modeling)
    DISCIPLINES: Architecture / MEP / Structure
    SOFTWARE USING: Revit, Naviswork
    VERSION: 2016

  • BIM APPLICATION: 3D Coordination (Clashes detection all of building disciplines)
    DISCIPLINES: MEP / Structure
    SOFTWARE USING: Naviswork Manage 2016
    VERSION: 2016

  • BIM APPLICATION: Site Utilization Planning (Sequence and construction method simulation by integrating BIM model and schedule)
    DISCIPLINES: Architecture / MEP / StructureArchitecture
    SOFTWARE USING: Naviswork Manage 2016
    VERSION: 2016

  • BIM APPLICATION: Cost Estimation (Quantity takeoff all of building elements in BIM environment)
    DISCIPLINES: Architecture / MEP / Structure
    SOFTWARE USING: Revit, Naviswork
    VERSION: 2016

Purpose to apply BIM for project (according to level of priority)


  1. Purpose: Consider benefit of applying BIM to project
    Potential BIM application: BIM Execution Plan

  2. Purpose: Reduce design error affect to construction activities at the site
    Potential BIM application: Design Review and 3D Coordination

  3. Purpose: As-built modeling with fulfill data for O&M activities
    Potential BIM application: Record Model, 3D Coordination

  4. Purpose: Tracking and Reviewing construction schedule and sequence at the site
    Potential BIM application: 4D modeling-construction sequencing

  5. Purpose: Review integrated design documentation
    Potential BIM application: 3D design Reviews

  6. Purpose: Review and compare BIM quantity takeoff to tradition
    Potential BIM application: 3D Clashes detection


After each time of change, the control old and new error and update clashes report are automatic according to process.

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