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ARCHLine's Free Online Training for Better BIM-Adoption


With the launch of the "2018" edition of ARCHLine.XP, the BIM design software, it becomes evident once again that a software is just as good as its user's skills. Unfortunately, a wealth of great BIM tools and BIM benefits are still left unexploited, mainly for the reason that a huge chunk of AEC professionals are still yet to adapt to the new standards. ARCHLine believes this is mainly because of a lack of knowledge and the flood of larger-than-life BIM implementation examples, to which mid-sized architecture offices can't relate to.

In order to combat these, ARCHLine promotes the launch of its latest software version by organizing a series of free to attend online training sessions. The ambitious goal is to show the benefits BIM brings to combat everyday design challenges, and illustrate how one can get from 2D drafting all the way to BIM painlessly. The ARCHLine crew hopes that by showing real-life scenarios on where BIM can be useful, talking about examples of BIM benefits, and debunking harmful BIM-myths, professionals will feel more incentivised to make their jump.

Course Syllabus:


  • 13 February 3:00 PM CET - ARCHLine.XP Foundation Course
  • 15 February 3:00 PM CET - Architectural BIM Design Essentials
  • 20 February 3:00 PM CET - Introduction to Architectural BIM Documentation
  • 22 February 3:00 PM CET - BIM in Practice
  • 27 February 3:00 PM CET - Visual Design


Registration is free of charge, and is avilable via their website.

The training series lays heavy emphasis on the practical use of BIM catalogs, such as the library, and will focus on project sharing and dta interoperability topics.