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BricsCAD BIM V18 - In Gent a new power is rising in the BIM world



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Bricsys is slowly emerging as a software developer of a powerful and unique BIM application for architects and other AEC professionals. The company hosted a major user and partner conference recently in Paris where they introduced the latest BricsCAD V18 series of CAD and BIM products.

What Bricsys Offers

Bricsys offers three fundamental products: BricsCAD, BricsCAD BIM, BricsCAD Sheet Metal, and a fourth special type of product called Communicator for BricsCAD.

At the heart of their solutions are a trilingual (Mac, Windows, Linux) set of native DWG technologies, which means, in short, that like European neighbor Greabert in Germany, their technology is advancing what is possible with the DWG format.

The Belgium CAD developer has a BIM tool that is…

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