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BIMForum releases the 2017 version of the LOD Specification


BIMForum released the official version of its 2017 Level of Development (LOD) Specification at its fall Forum in Dallas.  The announcement of the release was preceded by a NASA presentation on their Martian Habitat Centennial Challenge, which has adopted the BIMForum LOD spec to evaluate submitted models.  Looks like the Spec has achieved escape velocity!

The LOD schema is a language for the definition of the comspleteness and reliability of BIMs down to the element level – the LOD Spec is the dictionary for that language.  The schema was developed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for their G202TM-2013 Project BIM Protocol Form.  The LOD Spec, developed under a licensing agreement between the AIA and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), provides detailed interpretations and graphic examples of over 400 building systems and components at each LOD.  Its purpose is to provide a reference to allow designers and builders across the world (and now the solar system) to clearly communicate and understand the degree of precision and reliability of each other’s models.

The 2017 version contains many updates and clarifications of existing material plus some major new content:

  • Reference elements, including space objects, structural grids, and building levels
  • Specialized items such as helical piles, mechanical fasteners, and metal grating
  • Concrete formwork
  • Grading

The section on elevators has received significant development and detail in order to align with the practices of architects, elevator consultants, installers, and manufacturers.

The LOD Spec is developed through a consensus process involving designers, builders, and professional and trade organizations from across the AEC industry.  It is updated annually, each update going through a cycle of public review and comment before being released officially.  All versions are maintained on the website to provide continuity of reference.