A Quick Look at PAS 1192-7


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BIM Journal Issue 04 - Article 04: A Quick Look at PAS 1192-7

In light of the prior Standards article, here is Kieran Parkinson (Market Development Manager, Built Environment, BSI) to shed a little more light on what we can expect from the upcoming part seven of the popular suite.

1.    What is the general scope and reach of Part 7?

‘PAS 1192-7: Specification for defining and maintaining structured digital product information used for the design, construction and use of a product or built asset’  will be based on the BIM Task Group document ‘Product Data Definition - A technical specification for defining and sharing structured digital construction product information’ available at http://bim-level2.org/en/guidance/.

This Product Data Definition (PDD) document was intended to provide a consistent methodology for the definition, creation, management and sharing of product information through the life cycle of an asset, based on the purpose of that information and who the information is to be used by.

Through BSIs consensus-building process, involving a Steering Group and public consultation, the PAS will build on the PDD to provide a consistent approach for defining product data and product data templates to enable the consistent flow of information from a manufacturer through to an installed, operational and maintainable product or system. This PAS will be application-agnostic.

2.    What problem/s does it solve?

In a traditional construction delivery model, the flow of information often stops at the handover stage with operations and maintenance information being passed to the asset owner, whereas in a digital environment the information continues to flow through the operation and maintenance of the asset.

Product data needs to be accurate and reliable for the purpose for which it is required, and structured to enable data exchange between parties. Structured data suitable for exchange does not mean a common language is required between all actors, nor does it mean learning a new digital language; accurate data exchange can be facilitated by clearly defining attribution and structure of terms that users are already familiar with.

PAS 1192-7 will provide the structure to enable plain language parameters to be exchanged through open standards such as ISO 16739, IFC 4 and BS 1192-4, whilst ensuring that all necessary product information requirements are met to comply with relevant standards through the life cycle of an asset.

It won’t define specific data templates for products or systems, and instead focus on the process with which they should be defined and shared consistently based on the purpose of the information. 

3.    What is the current status of PAS 1192-7?

The PAS is still at an early stage of being drafted. When the Steering Group agree that the draft is ready to be shared publicly, BSI will circulate a draft for public consultation (DPC) via BSI’s Standards Development Portal (SDP) https://standardsdevelopment.bsigroup.com/, which is where all draft BSI standards can be reviewed and commented on.

The current plan is to share the draft for public consultation in early 2018, with final publication of PAS 1192-7 in the summer of 2018, however as with all standards the schedule is subject to change depending on the nature and number of the comments we receive, for example.

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