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SelfCAD Offers Free Licenses for Students and Teachers for 3 Years


What better way to introduce kids to 3D printing than to offer them, and their teachers, resources for free? That’s the idea of SelfCAD, the online 3D modeling software company.

The company wants to offer simple to use, yet relatively advanced 3D printing software for classrooms. However, to encourage students and teachers to use the technology, they’re now offering 3-year educational licenses for free.

SelfCAD is positioning themselves as a more advanced TinkerCad – the 3D modeling software which is already popular in schools. It offers students the ability to create advanced 3D models. The tools include; sculpting, drawing and a built-in slicer. But, better yet, they’re offering a 25,000 3D object library.

“This is a natural next step for teachers who have maximized their usage of TinkerCad for younger students and want or need something more advanced for 6th-12th graders… SelfCAD is currently being used in over 75 schools nationwide and we will be expanding that number by the end of the year,” said Jonathan Gross, the Chief Marketing Manager.

SelfCAD Freemium Offer or Yearly Payment

With SelfCAD, there is no download required. It’s possible to use the software to model, sculpt and print. However, as well as the free trial for students and teachers, there’s also a yearly membership for just $39.

By purchasing this, users can also get their hands on tutorials and design exercises to help improve their modeling skills. However, this yearly plan is not launched yet and will be available later this month.

“SelfCAD comprises freehand, polyline, spline, eraser drawing and advanced polygon detection features. SelfCAD’s sculpting enables creativity with gestures and facilitates your ideas to have the desired shapes quickly and smoothly. SelfCAD partnered with MyMiniFactory earlier this year to produce numerous readily available 3d printable objects. With SelfCAD’s macros, it is possible for automating transformations, drawing, copy and extrusion patterns,” said Founder of BIM, Arka Roy.

If you’re neither a student nor teacher, you’ll have to make do with one free month and pay $9.99 for every month after that. Want to find out more about the software? Head over to the SelfCAD website.