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VisiSpecs Keynoting Solution for Autodesk Revit Now Available


Chalkline continues development of the next generation of BIM integrated specs integrating specs, keynotes, and the BIM model.  Currently these three disciplines are critical to the quality and coordination of construction documents, yet very separate processes.  Inevitably, errors and omissions cause RFIs, Addendums, and Change Orders with resulting perception of lack of quality product produced.

Design firms realize the benefits in time savings, coordination, and quality checks this integration enables.  Many design firms simply do not attempt to use keynotes referencing specifications due to the level of work required to manually keep them coordinated.

VisiRevit now enables users to manage master keynotes and automatically filter them based on the specifications in the project saving hours of tedious and error prone text editing.  The VisiSpecs Link Console lists all the materials and elements contained in the BIM model with the linked specs.  Now users can directly assign keynotes to those materials and elements with the visual model and linked specs all in view.  VisiSpecs further makes this process more efficient including a search feature while assigning keynotes directly in the VisiSpecs Keynote Tree.

VisiSpecs also released synchronization of all user updates to keynotes ensuring the most recently updated list of keynotes is available.  VisiSpecs Keynote Manager can be run directly in Autodesk Revit or in Microsoft Word depending on the user preference.  Since the keynote file is saved in the VisiSpecs Cloud Server, users may easily save and access the keynotes in the application they already use.

Customers also requested user roles and permissions be assigned to different users in the organization. Certain users will be managing the master or project keynote list while other users will be assigning those keynotes in Revit.  Additionally, if multiple users are editing keynote files a check-out and check-in process alerts users if another user is editing the file.

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