Turning External Files into BIM Data - The ARCHLine.XP Imports WEBINAR

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ARCHLine.XP, our CAD/BIM software supports many file formats for data import. This ensures that you can use data provided by your peers, and it also allows seemless integration with other CAD or BIM products. Check out our webinar to see how our imports could make your design process even more professional.

Topics discussed

  • importing non-CAD, CAD, and BIM data
  • importing 3D objects
  • "seamless imports" - built-in import facilities (3D Warehouse, Showroom)
  • processing the imported elements
  • sample workflow: importing a 2d floorplan, turning it into a 3d models

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Tóth Zoltán

Zoltan Toth works as a content manager at ARCHLine.XP. His task is to spread BIM-awareness among AEC professionals by organizing webinars and producing BIM-related materials.

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