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Progman releases MagiCAD Schematics to work in synchronisation with Revit models


Progman has released MagiCAD Schematics for Revit and AutoCAD, a new software solution for creating schematic diagrams in full synchronisation and data connectivity with Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design projects. MagiCAD Schematics is the first software to date to enable comprehensive synchronisation and data transfer between schematic diagrams and Revit models in MEP design.

MagiCAD Schematics provides tools for linking symbols or lines in the schematic drawing with corresponding devices in the model, enabling synchronisation of parameter values between the schematics and the model. When the property values are synchronised between symbols and devices, it is possible to ensure that all data stays up to date throughout the course of the building project in diagrams, plan drawings, schedules, etc. The user can configure and select the parameters to be synchronised and also define the direction of the flow of information, either from the schematic drawing to the model, or vice versa.

The user can begin drawing the schematics with low level of product-related detail. Once the network is modelled and calculated, it is easy to transfer the calculation results together with e.g. device position codes from the model to the schematic drawing. This makes it easy to add tags containing more detailed information, such as system temperatures, to the schematic drawing without additional manual work.

With MagiCAD Schematics, symbol installation and line drawing are easy, as the user can install symbols and user-defined symbol groups simply by dragging and dropping them to the schematic drawing from the tool palette. The user can also define parameter content for the symbols with functional and technical data which will be included in the family when the symbol is installed.

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