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SMEs invited to pitch immersive solutions to 3 major construction challenges


Immerse UK is partnering with i3P to invite SMEs to come up with immersive solutions for three unique challenges set by i3P members Heathrow Airport, Kier Group and CH2M. 
Innovative SMEs are being invited to apply to present and pitch solutions to the challenges using immersive technologies.

Successful applicants will present their solutions to the challenge partners at Digital Construction Week, from 4pm on 18th October at ExCel, London (Register here today)

The Heathrow Airport Challenge: Improving productivity with immersive technologies
The World’s busiest international airport, having invested £11 billion in the last 15 years and about to embark on a £16 billion Heathrow Expansion project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK.

Heathrow wants to drive significant improvement in the on-site productivity of its contractors. It is interested in using immersive technology to drive and support overall productivity improvement by ensuring compatibility and facilitating constructability of the “kit of parts” to form completed buildings and, as far as possible, all elements of the overall Expansion Project. This might include design stages, manufacturing processes, logistics processes, sequencing, connections and ultimately operational function...

The CH2M Challenge: Engaging stakeholders through immersive technologies 
CH2M wants to be able to undertake stakeholder engagement sessions using immersive technologies.  It is interested in how this can provide stakeholders with an improved sense of what impacts would occur and what it would feel like when the project is being constructed and completed.

CH2M is keen to explore how to be able to design in the immersive environment, to be able to alter designs with stakeholders, collecting real time feedback in a semi/fully automated way.  This should result in more productive and efficient consultations accelerating the design process and ensuring better buy in / inputs from stakeholders. The ability to record all interactions and preferably undertake actions from design inputs such as voice commands would be an advantage. Should a solution be able to provide the level of interoperability required, it is conceivable that CH2M would invest in it and encourage its clients to do the same... 

The Kier Group Challenge: Rehearsing using immersive technologies
Kier want to be able to undertake induction courses and provide training to site personnel in a standardised and safe way across their many sites.

Kier are interested in how VR/AR/MR can be used to undertake industry wide training (to a common standard) and induction to be carried out before arriving on site. This could include simulation and virtual rehearsal before carrying out a task, and might include simulation of issues or unplanned events.  This might take the form of virtual training at multiple locations similar to that used by surgeons receiving training using VR...


Applicants can respond to as many of the challenges as they wish. Simply fill out an application by 11th October, with the following details:

  • what challenge/s you are addressing
  • about your company and skills (max 250 words)
  • a brief outline of how you would approach the challenge/s (max 500 words)

Successful applicants will be informed by 13th October, and invited to pitch their ideas to the challenge partners at Digital Construction Week, from 4pm on 18th October at ExCel, London. 

Visit for full details and to apply by 11th October.

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