How manufacturers benefit from BIM


Is BIM something that only concerns planning and engineering parties in the building industry? Think again. As a manufacturer, you can benefit a great deal from BIM. Here’s how: 

Create content engineers enjoy using
With the rise of BIM, engineers need more and more accurate content for modelling information rich systems. For instance, they can only calculate and model their ventilation system if they have the correct technical data, such as the diameters and material types. This is where you as a manufacturer come in. By partnering with the MEPcontent team, you can turn your product data into valuable Revit, AutoCAD and IFC files that engineers enjoy working with. This way, your products are already being used even before ordering.

Be found where engineers, modellers an draftsmen search
By publishing your 3D content online in BIM libraries such as MEPcontent, you present your products right in front of engineers who are looking actively for products to use in their BIM projects. As a manufacturer of lighting fixtures for example, your product will be shown directly when engineers filter on that product category. These engineers can download this content and start designing with your product directly. A great way to market your products to potential customers!

Increase purchase chances
This is a really important one. Once your products are placed in a BIM project, chances are high they will actually end up be purchased. There have been projects in which the products from the wrong manufacturer were delivered on site, simply because they were ordered directly from the model and engineers had modelled with a competitor’s BIM content. Lesson learnt: Make sure you have valuable content available engineers enjoy designing with, and the chances are high that your product will end up in the actual building product. 

Reach engineers globally
The growing digital landscape allows you to market your products globally through just one single platform. With platforms such as MEPcontent, with more than 30,000 users in their database across more than 60 countries, you can reach engineers globally, while also offering localized versions of your products

Gain valuable insights
Which leads to the next benefit. Digitizing your products in a BIM format, makes it possible to track the use of your BIM-products easily across the world. Which products are downloaded a lot? Where are they coming from and what are potential customers downloading? What is the BIM adoption across countries? These are valuable insights that help you allocating your marketing and development resources. 

So by creating valuable BIM content, you are providing your (potential) customers with the tools they need to deliver high quality BIM-models. Engineers will be thankful for it, and in return, your products will be used in leading BIM projects across the world. 

Want to know more about the services MEPcontent offers to manufacturers? Watch the webinar recording or contact the MEPcontent team directly for more information.